It is proving difficult to construct these pages in a manner that those containing images of destination blinds display correctly in all types of browser. If the actual blind is available then rather than a text listing and images of selected sections of the blind it has been decided to change these pages to show the whole blind in image form only. A frame has been made to hold the blinds which will enable them to be photographed minus some of the twists and shadows present on the current images. Since this can only be used outdoors it will not be possible to carry out this update until (if?) we get good weather.
This web site aims to provide for the bus enthusiast details of destinations blinds used by operators in East Anglia which in the instance will include Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. There will be some overlap into adjacent counties where the operator has a depot outside of the main area of this web sits coverage.

The humble destination blind may to most people do little more than indicate to the intending passenger where the bus is going to, although the location of that well known community of SERVICE remains a mystery. The listings do however hold much more than this as they will contain displays rarely seen by most people,not only the early morning works or schools journeys used just once a day but more importantly they can give clues as to an operators intentions for the expansion of their services. Sometimes these goals were never achieved or as in one case the destination was included for nearly 20 years before being required or the housing estate may have changed name by the time the service was introduced. In the past reliefs were a regular occurrence often terminating en route thus destinations that today are merely a name passed by en route can be found

Sometimes a whole depot/companies blinds will have been replaced at one time in other instances only one depot or one type of vehicle will have received new blinds. In some instances while the listing will be the same the layout may be different on some types of vehicle. Additions were frequently made to the end of blinds or if an extensive list an additional section of blind was attached - these may vary between vehicles.

These listing have been obtained by personal observation, the webmasters blind collection, company documents or from enthusiast magazines. No attempt has been made to shown the font size or type face, justification of the text or layout although where known details are given. Colours will be shown where known. Most blinds will contain blank sections at the start and end of the blind, usually white - this is not shown but other blank sections of blind are indicated.

If you are able to contribute further examples please contact the Web Master

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