Ipswich Buses

Early/mid 1990's, black on white. Plastic material 2' 7½"x 6¼" - vertical measured from foot of one display to foot of next one. Size and style suggests came from a Metrorider.

Although shown in this listing left justified, all displays fully justified ie, full width of blind is used, size of lettering and spacing depends on number of letters in destination. A few displays are centered and are shown thus.

* indicates where lettering in a smaller size splits onto a new line.

Numbering on right is as written on back of blind in felt tipped pen.

Cliff Ln & Ransomes Pk amended by black vinyl being stuck over "Ransomes Pk"
Brunswick Rd & Hosp has been amended by black vinyl being stuck over "Circ" and 32 added on rear

Tesco Free Bus has been amended with plain red gloss vinyl stock "Free Bus"
Warren Heath via Spring Rd to Braziers Wood added on a one piece matt vinyl
Rosehill & Newbury Rd Circ added on a matt vinyl
Ely and Lavenham added on a one piece matt vinyl.
Lavenham is justified left and occupies only half the display - was an addition anticipated?

~black blank~
Tower Ramparts
Gainsboro' & Greenwich 1
Warren Heath via* Derby Rd. 2
Rushmere Heath via*Spring Rd. 3
Broke Hall & Bixley 4
Heath Road Hospital 5, 11
Cliff Ln & Ransomes Pk 6
Tesco via*Chantry 13A
Thorrington Hall
Whitehouse & Asda 8
Whitton & Castle Hill 9
Castle Hill & Whitton 10
Pinebrook & Tesco 13A
Maidenhall & Stoke Pk 15
Tower Ramparts
Gippeswyk Pk & Belstead 14
Gippeswyk Pk & Tesco 14A
Back Hamlet 13
Halifax & Belstead Rd. 16
Sproughton & Bramford 18
Bramford & Sproughton 18A
Dale Hall & Castle Hill 19
Dale Hall & Asda 19
Tower Ramparts
Brunswick Rd & Hosp Circ 34
Cliff Ln & Town Centre 32,34
Braziers Wd & Hosp Circ 33,35
Brunsw'k Rd & Town Centre 33,35
Chelsworth Avenue 28B
Ipswich Docks
Constantine Rd Depot
Ipswich Rail Station
Not in Service
Early Riser Circular 40
Park and Ride
Privately Hired
Shotley direct 22
Shotley via*Holbrook 24
Debenham 25,26
Diss & Bressingham 39
Rushmere 3
Stonham Aspal 30A
Stowmarket 25,26
Wattisham 25,26
Witnesham & Otley 28, 28A
Woodbridge & Melton 142
Contract Journey
On Hire to Suffolk CC
On Hire to British Rail
Tesco Free Bus 61
Warren Heath via Spring Road 3
Brunswick Rd & Hospital
Brunswick Rd & Inverness Rd
Braziers Wd & Priory Heath 6
Rose Hill & Newbury Rd Circ
Ely VIA Bury St Edmunds